Hello everybody, and thank you for taking the time to read our Newsletter.

We have spent a long time studying this great sport, the traditions, the organization, the politics, and of course more importantly, you the fans. The sport of NASCAR enjoys a huge amount of fans from all parts and aspects of the world, but when it comes to being connected there really is not a focal point for all the fans to congregate together as one.

Yes, we have Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc, these are all our popular tools of the modern day way that connects us with social media. Considering the substantial fan base of NASCAR, whether it be a casual fan of a passing interest or a fan that loves everything about NASCAR and cannot wait for the next race to start, there really has been something required for all NASCAR fans to be more excited about.

After a lot of work and a tremendous amount of research, is what we have created for you. Nascarview allows all fans to have an independent voice and view to express themselves freely to come together as one unit, to eventually have a say in this great sport that will COUNT!

NASCAR is about everybody that wants to participate in the sport, not just the organization that runs it on a day to day basis. So, as an independent organization other people of concern can take stock from a totally different perspective.

Nascarview has been created, so enjoy everything that has been put together for you and share the experience.



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